On 26-27 October 2018, Accreditation Committee of Cambodia (ACC) came to University of Heng Samrin Thbongkhmum (UHST) to the quality of foundation year in order to find out the good practice and problems encountered that the university has been carrying out. Based on guidelines and procedures, ACC had to evaluate each criteria in order to measure its quality. Those criteria were in the following:

  1. Mission;
  2. Governing Structure, Management and Planning;
  3. Academic Program;
  4. Academic Staffs;
  5. Student and Student Services;
  6. Learning Services;
  7. Physical Plants;
  8. Financial Plan and Management;
  9. Dissemination of Information.

After evaluation, ACC held a meeting with UHST officers to inform the evaluation results and give some recommendations related to the internal quality management in order to strengthen and improve the quality of learning and teaching that are very important to be responsive to the environmental change of the industrial needs.