The workshop focussed on presenting appropriate teaching methodologies, enhancing the development of constructive alignment of instructional and assessment methods, and curriculum mapping. The participants were required to verify the learning outcomes and assessment methods. They discussed how they teach and assess the students’ learning outcomes. At the end of group discussions, each group presented the discussion results to participants. The audience was asked to give solutions or suggestions to the issues.


6 September 2019

Mr. Chorvy VONG guided the participants on how to develop and measure the Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) and Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs).

The shift of education paradigm and influence of IR4.0 on education was presented.

In the afternoon, the participants were grouped under their areas of expertise.

7 September 2019

Each working group presented their discussion results.

The other groups provided feedback and comments on the group work.

Workshop Team wrapped up the activities and suggested some solutions raised by the participants.

At the end of the workshop, the workshop content and activities were evaluated through a questionnaire. The feedback will be used to improve the next capacity building workshop.