The Kick-Off Meeting was a fundamental event for the presentation of the project activities and the dissemination of the project materials, such as Grant Agreement, Work Plan, Mobility Plan, Specific Partner Agreement, Templates & Forms, etc.


Six University Partners (RUPP, SRU, UBB, CSUK, MCU, &UHST) from Cambodia and three University Partners (Agora, LBUS, & MRU) from Europe participated in the event. More specifically, the programme involved three representatives per partner institution with the following profiles:

– One steering committee,

– One project management board (project contact person, i.e. SICA project manager from each partner institution) and

– One responsible of the Quality Assurance office at the University (i.e. Director of the QA office/Vice-rector for Quality Assurance).

– Day 1: General presentation about your institution:

To make the most of the meeting, every partner had to prepare a 15-minute presentation of the quality assurance structure, mechanisms and practices at their university.

– Day 2: 20 min-presentations on:

  • National quality assurance system in Romania- Mykolas Romeris University (MRU);
  • National quality assurance system in Cambodia- The Accreditation Committee of Cambodia;
  • Results of SICA Survey – Royal University of Phnom Penh;

Evaluation of programmes, including internal assessment, external review and participation of students.


Cambodian Fresh News was also invited to join our SICA project Kick-Off Meeting, which was broadcast via the Internet. A brief overview can be found on