After 3 productive years of intense work, the SICA project has officially ended on October 15th, 2020. The EU co-funded project SICA, which aims at strengthening Quality Assurance in Cambodian Higher Education, has successfully completed the activities and trainings undertaken during the last years.

The ambitious project has reached the main purpose of generating knowledge, activities, and actions focused on internal Quality Assurance to facilitate comparability and readability of academic achievements and degrees, as well as to enhance cooperation and mobility among Cambodian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The priority lines of action include capacity building for professional development; exchange of good practices EU-Cambodia; set-up of internal QA units; and embedding quality assurance processes.

The SICA Team sincerely wishes to express its gratitude to all the responsible stakeholders, including the European Commission for their necessary support. Thanks to their commitment and desire to shape the Cambodian HEIs’ future, SICA has been able to achieve its overall objective: contribute to Cambodian Higher Education Vision 2030.