This training was co-organized by Accreditation Committee of Cambodia and Svay Rieng University in order to enhance the capacity of both SRU staff and teachers ion assessing the affective of students. The trainers have detailed about the strategies for assessments with their experiences and rubric to trainees .The trainees were grouped by faculty to discuss and find out the affective element in current curriculum.

To sum up, this training has resulted that the trainees, who are involved with teaching and curriculum development team,have their thoughts and lesson learned from the training and they could to deal with SRU’s QA practice that are reviewing program learning outcomes.


  1. Strategies for Assessing the Affective Domain
  2. Holistic rating of collaborating skills
  3. Analytic and holistic rubrics

Participants: Management board, IQA members, Deans, Vice-Deans, Heads, and Deputy Heads of Departments