On 18 October 2018, the Univeristy of Heng Samrin Thbongkhmum (UHST) conducted a meeting with UHST management team, lecturers and students in order to give instructions on curriculum, internal regulation and quality assurance before they started courses. The management team explained each article stated in the internal regulation to the students in the purpose of making them understand clearly on how to prepare themselves for the new academic year. At that time, a presenter also showed and explained the curriculum in details and presented the lecturers who were responsible for their subjects. With the above-mentioned information, students and lecturers would be ready in advance to prepare the relevant documents and materials. The presenter also introduced the quality assurance tools to evaluate the lecturers and students in order to gain the logical results for the improvement of learning and teaching quality. Pre-course meeting was crucial to wake the students up because they would know what happened to their studies and how they coordinated with this event. The meeting was open for all since it has been providing the opportunities to all participants to raise questions, ideas, comments, recommendations and suggestions to the management team to solve and improve the teaching and teaching quality at UHST.