The workshop aimed at improving the Science Curricula and targeted the Faculties of Science. The faculties reviewed the department curriculum and reformulated the program learning outcomes and assessment methods in line with the Cambodia National Qualification Framework (CNQF) and IR4.0. At the end of the workshop, the participants were be able to:

  1. Identify the components of CNQF
  2. Articulate specifications for learning outcomes
  3. Classify learning outcomes using Bloom’s taxonomy
  4. Write (or evaluate) student learning outcomes for your programs
  5. Analyse how student learning outcomes to be assessed.


23 August 2019

Mr. Chorvy VONG presented the participants on CNQF requirement and how to align the Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) and Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) with CNQF.

Dr. Chey Chan Oeurn presented the participants on the research and innovation of Scientific theme and impact of IR 4.0

Each group worked on the existing curricula and reviewed their learning outcomes.

24 August 2019

Each working group presented their new learning outcomes of the curriculum and the course syllabi.

Workshop Team wrapped up the activities and suggested solutions

Participants were required to produce the course syllabi and to be ready for the next academic year.